ABC Pediatrics works together with families to help keep
South Puget Sound's boys and girls healthy & happy from birth until adulthood.

ABC Pediatrics' Clinic: ABC Pediatrics moved into its new clinic in June, 2005. The facility was designed from the ground-up to provide a safe, effective, efficient, pleasing and interesting pediatrics clinic environment. With over 4300 square feet, ABC Pediatrics' clinic offers individual waiting rooms for sick and well patients -- both with comfortable seating, toys, and video entertainment. To entertain children, all patient rooms offer educational and fun themes, such as music, space, automobiles and sports.

Clinic Hours: During the school year, the clinic is open Monday through Friday 8am to 5 pm. During the Summer months, clinic hours are 9am-5pm.

The clinic is located at 1920 Black Hills Blvd. SW in Olympia, one block south of the Black Lake Blvd exit off Highway 101 -- just two exits west of I5.

Separate waiting rooms for sick and well patients, each featuring engaging artwork and video entertainment.

Patient rooms all have themes -- sports, cars, space, boating, music...

Rooms and bathrooms are fully wheelchair accessible. Bathrooms are parent-child friendly, and feature diaper changing tables and chairs to hold babies/toddlers while parents use the facilities.

Little details that make a trip to the doctor more convenient and fun -- drinking fountains, fun-house mirrors, artwork and more.

A clinic building is nothing without a group of trained people dedicated to working with families to help keep children healthy and happy.